Plankton Plankton is an instrumental duo and released their first vinyl record in 2001. They like technology, eyeglasses, mythology and synthesizers but still make very pretty music with lots of pop. Plankton are always doing recordings, remixes or atleast planning to do them. They like to do stuff on slow days while drinking coffee. In 2009 they made their magnus opus "15 min" and has since then been on an extended coffee break.
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Releases by Plankton:

v/a - Tunic / Incognito Pop 

Catalog: Stal-002 | Released: Feb 2000


About the record

Olle (in 2016):

As our second release, we put out something I'm still very proud of. I think this is a unique record. A local house producer in his experimental phase remixes two punk demos and it becomes something else entirely. There is a point of contact with late 90's electro-rock experiments - Primal Scream's XTRMNTR, Atari Teenage Riot and some other underground stuff in that vein - but to me this record doesn't sound like any of them.
Martins effort should be highlighted - we just gave him a DAT with the separate tracks of our recordings and we got the finished result back. No one could guess what he would come up with. This was before digital recording became a big thing and you could mix instrumental tracks with electronic sounds easily - Martin has done this with a sampler and an old Atari 1040. The Tunic song to me really sounds like a band rather than a remix, the samples and electronic sounds blends perfectly with the distorted voice. I think this is how we wanted the band to sound but we didn't know it was done. Incognito Pop's song is more the sum of its parts but it sounds even sicker, haha!
The packaging is magic - It looked like a candy bag! No big artist logos, no pictures, it's a record! The medium is the message. All distributors complained that it quickly became ugly and looked old when it was in the record shops but it looked really cool when it was new!
I'm very happy that we released this on vinyl and at the time it was very exciting to run a record label - to us this record was proof that we were pretty much ahead of everyone creatively. It sold only a few hundred copies on vinyl (like all our future releases as well, ha ha!) but just holding it in your hand and playing it at parties was reward enough.

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A1: Tunic - (Come On And Do It) One More Time - Black Kongo remix

B1: Incognito Pop - The Essence of Pop - Cobra Attack Remix

Both tracks remixed by Martin Venetjoki.

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