Plankton Plankton is an instrumental duo and released their first vinyl record in 2001. They like technology, eyeglasses, mythology and synthesizers but still make very pretty music with lots of pop. Plankton are always doing recordings, remixes or atleast planning to do them. They like to do stuff on slow days while drinking coffee. In 2009 they made their magnus opus "15 min" and has since then been on an extended coffee break.
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Releases by Plankton:

Plankton - S/T 

Catalog: Stal-003 | Released: May 2000

Cover by: Daniel Fagerström.

About the record:

Olle (in 2016):
Me and Andreas had an internship at Kungen (the famous Sandviken venue) and we were at the time very interested in analog synthesizers, so we started a recording Project that would become a long lived electronic duo. Rolands groovebox series made it possible to program a lot of drum machines and synth sounds and we did various experiments with a portable 4-track cassette studio and effect pedals. We listened to a lot of Krautrock records that were being reissued on CD back then - Neu!, Cluster, Can. We also found some vinyl records by Faust and Popul Vuh at the local second hand record store. We were playing a lot of Tetris at Kungen so we named the band Tetris! (the exclamation mark taken from Neu!) thankfully we realized pretty soon it is a very stupid band name and changed it to Plankton. We went to Andreas family's summer house in Lingbo during the summer and made an album in a week. I still like it very much, some of it sounds very typical of its time - all those Casio synth-drum machines and blip blop sounds and retro video game stuff was popular back then. But I also think we used them out of necessity. The Roland MC303 wasn't as good as the MC505 for programming drum sounds, so we used a lot of those standard synth beats like Bossanova (on the SA-21) and the VL-1 drum track because it was the best rhythm track we had available.
But on songs like "Nattsudd" and "Bossanova", I think we have captured the joy of machine music and made something atmospheric and musical. I think "Nattsudd" is the first sketch to the electronic sound I still do.
It was very nice that we released this I think, a 4-track cassette recording released on vinyl, it sounds very analogue and is done with about 90% analog equipment. Only the mastering and a few overdubs are done digitally. We played in Berlin once when this record was out, which was great for us because Germany was our spiritual home.
This was released in cooperation with another record company (Lady Godiva Operations) to share the costs, we pressed and sold half the edition each.
I Think there's still a few copies of this lying around, so email us if you want to buy it.


A1: Pong Kombat
A2: Pink Fizz
A3: Bossanova
A4: Skjutglad

B1: Nattsudd
B2: Dygnsrytmsdomino

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