Plankton Plankton is an instrumental duo and released their first vinyl record in 2001. They like technology, eyeglasses, mythology and synthesizers but still make very pretty music with lots of pop. Plankton are always doing recordings, remixes or atleast planning to do them. They like to do stuff on slow days while drinking coffee. In 2009 they made their magnus opus "15 min" and has since then been on an extended coffee break.
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About StÄlverk

StÄlverk was started in 1999 in the small industrial town Sandviken in middle Sweden. It was founded by Tunic members Olle Ohlsson and Jon Perman to release their own music and that of their friends. In those days everything was released on vinyl. Since 2007 releases have also been availible as free mp3 downloads together with cover art and liner notes. More recently we also started using platforms like Youtube, Spotify, Soundcloud etc. The Idea was always to make music available to whoever wants to listen but also to stay true to physical formats like vinyls, tapes and fanzines. We have also chosen to release only artists who come from or have close connection to small town Sandviken. This is a self imposed limitation that maybe made us exclude some good music from StÄlverk but also shows how a dedicated scene can grow and evolve in a small place and not only in the big cities. With the internet this is even more true, you don't need to play in huge clubs or be visible in media to have a voice. You can do your thing locally and whoever wants to listen will find you.
StÄlverk has released about 90% electronic music in some form but we are not an "electronic" label or a "techno" label. We were founded on the ideals of punk and DIY and we try to find stuff that is creative and works outside of established forms of what music should sound like.

About StÄlverk (Written in 2009:)
StÄlverk believes in l'art pour l'art that means art for the sake of art. We don't mean that in an apolitical way because art IS politics, we mean that art and expression must always be made for the sake of expressing something, or like Kevin Rowland said, learning how to be true to an idea.
We mean that art is not made for money or recognition or even having a good time. Like famous Liverpool coach bill shankly said, art is not a matter of life and death, it is far more important than that. StÄlverk is created as a means of destroying bourgeois society and capitalism.

"These people who made this music will die poor and alone. But it doesn't matter because they'll be the real renegades and the true rebels always walk alone anyway."
- Derrick May
Hćll er i skinnet! MVH / Stćlverk