Plankton Plankton is an instrumental duo and released their first vinyl record in 2001. They like technology, eyeglasses, mythology and synthesizers but still make very pretty music with lots of pop. Plankton are always doing recordings, remixes or atleast planning to do them. They like to do stuff on slow days while drinking coffee. In 2009 they made their magnus opus "15 min" and has since then been on an extended coffee break.
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Releases by Plankton:


New cassette and digital release from Lo. It goes into darker and more abstract territory than previous Lo releases, it has some dub element, strange rhythm, weird Lo-fi aesthetic and lots of static.


(POSTED: 2018/07/17 - 13:09)

STAL-C34 LoMaria - VÀrlden Àr vÄr TAPE AND DIGITAL

First cassette by LoMaria. It contains elements of deep / dub electronics and dark shoe gaze soundscapes with Marias strong and emotive voice balanced by Olles dark mumble. It was mastered on analog tape by Joakim Westlund and contains artwork by Ivan Eriksson and a cover photo by Susana Santa-Marta. We had a release party at the wonderful Larrys Corner in Sthlm but if you missed that you can download or listen to it by clicking on this text
(POSTED: 2017/10/27 20:00)

STAL-C30 Alpha Mound - Mesopic

Joakim Westlund aka Alpha Mound releases his second cassette on StÄlverk. This one is still rooted in postrock and ambient textures but perhaps more downtempo / beat based and melodic that previous releases. Beautiful cassette release is hitting your nearest tape store ( soon, Spotify soon, digital download NOW!!!! Click this text to proceed to download page.
(POSTED: 2017/02/14 - 11:59)

Stal-144 Citadel Red - Kairos Out Now!!!!

Kairos is Citadel Reds debut EP. It contains 3 songs of dark nihilist techno. You also get three remixes: [krig], AKB and Lomaria.


(POSTED: 2016/06/16 - 21:53)

STAL-C42 Alpha Mound - Amass is out now on Cassette & digital

Alpha Mounds 4 track cassette & digital release "Amass" is out now! A beautiful mix of ambient, techno and post rock comes out of Joakims machine park this time. Click here to go to the release page and download / stream / buy.
(POSTED: 2016/02/20 - 17:18)

Stal-143 out now! Mystic Order - They Walk Among Us EP

They Walk Among Us is a no nonsense - techno track with acid and dub leanings. This is Mystic Orders debut on StÄlverk. They keep the industrial town mentality to music- harsh, dark and minimal. Check out remixes by [krig], lo/\/\aria, LEHNBERG and Slim Vic for more dub, dark, ambient and vocal versions.

Click here to go to the release page for info and various links

(POSTED: 2015/12/18 - 14:08)

[krig] album out on vinyl

The Future Sound of Sandviken is the defining release for [krig] and contains four tracks of dark rhythmic dub infused post-electronic sounds. [krig] is an artistic expression consisting of music and other art forms that offers a glimpse into a different universe.

You can order it through Lamour - click here

Listen on Soundcloud
(POSTED: 2015/12/07 - 15:48)

STAL-142 Lo & [krig] digital release out now

Stal-142 now available for free download! Click here to go to release page!
Like the Master Killer in the movie 36th Chamber of Shaolin, Lo and [krig] have gone through the mazes of the Lost Levels to find the wisdom to complete The Final Conclusion. The music is a dark and primitive steel mill town version of electronic music that is StÄlverks signature sound. Call it techno, dub or whatever.

(POSTED: 2015/03/05 - 00:14)

STALVERK#1011 out now!!! Availible from Lamour webshop

Stalverk#1011 now available at Lamour web shop! Click here to order!
The second installment of Stalverk's 1000-series of 12"es is finally out! The cover is hand crafted, and the record contains one song each by Lo and [krig]. The music is a dark and primitive steel mill town version of electronic music that is StÄlverks signature sound. Call it techno, dub or whatever.

(POSTED: 2015/01/17 - 00:01)

L'amour web shop

Stalverk#1010 now available at L'amour web shop!
All releases on StÄlverk from now on will be available through this page!!!!
L'amour is based in our neighbor town Gefle and also hosts a club at Fylkingen, Sthlm

(POSTED: 2013/12/11 - 23:59)

Leonard Hummer releases streaming album

Leonard Hummer releases a new album entitled Five Stages of Grief featuring some piano based ambient pieces modeled after psychiatrist Elizabeth KĂŒbler-Ross famous five stages of the grieving process, i.e. denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance.
(POSTED: 2013/11/24 - 19:16)

Streaming version of new tunic album out now!!!!!!

On the Tunic bandcamp page, you can stream all five songs of the new Tunic album, called "Tunic Sandviken Whatever". We are insanely proud of it and did our first live show in four years, at our beloved Kungen, Sandviken stage yesterday to celebrate this. It is a 99% finished mix and master and some funny but temporary artwork. Lyrics also included, check info on each track!!!
(POSTED: 2013/10/27 - 16:56)

Alpha Mound Remixed! Stal-140 out now

New free digital release. Five new remixes by [krig], Adam Wiger, Lo, Leonard Hummer and DÖDEN. Free download here! Listen to One track here!

(POSTED: 2013/10/23 - 10:58)


Olle is working on a blog for local newpaper Arbetarbladet ("workers bulletin") about the music scene in Sandviken.

Media player (finally) updated!
(POSTED: 2013/10/22 - 14:31)

[krig]konst002 - speldosa

[krig] participated in Textile in the expanded field final exhibition at konstfack, the black house. 7 minutes of video and audio from that can be viewed HERE<<<<<<<
(POSTED: 2013/08/08 - 09:00)


second installment in Lo / [krig] live session series is available for free download. 57 minutes recorded in the steel mill town

An entire short album in mixed form by Lo also released! The basic tracks we recorded in Stockholm, Moscow and international Air space, arranged and mixed in Stockholm in early 2013 by Lo Olle Ohlsson.
(POSTED: 2013/05/04 - 07:13)

Free digital release by [krig]!!!

2 tracks by [krig] released today for free download. What are you waiting for? Click on this text to go to download site
(POSTED: 2013/02/18 - 21:03)

Stal-1010 availible through Fade Records

Click here to go to website
(POSTED: 2013/01/24 - 12:52)


Stalverk 1010 is the first release in a new series of vinyl releases featuring one track each by [krig] and Lo. HIT PICTURE ------>

Pictures hit STUFF! <------

(POSTED: 2012/10/19 - 09:35)

30 minuite live set by [krig] and LO

STAL-135 is out now! It contains a half hour live set by Lo and [krig] recorded in Stockholm may 2012. The music is a synergy of the rhythmic attack of [krig] and the atmospheric melancholy of Lo. Samples outline the themes of existential dread in a post-industrial landscape of urban decay.
(POSTED: 2012/06/16 - 19:05)


Out now. Side A is a percussive track by [krig], Side B is an atmospheric collaboration between [krig] and Lo. Click this text to go to download page. Or click here to check out some new stuff at their website
(POSTED: 2011/07/27 - 08:30)


Leonard Hummer gives you Humanity is Nothing, second part of his trilogy that was started in 2009 with STAL-123

(POSTED: 2011/07/14 - 09:46)

Lo debut release - tio timmar STAL-132

Lo has finally released something. The tracks is around 12 minuites of deep static, kick drum, noise, monks, percussion and stuff. It comes with a remix by [krig].
(POSTED: 2011/05/12 - 09:41)

New stuff in stuff section: the art scene in Sandviken (updated)

NEW! [krig] in Paris! ALSO: New exhibitions in Lilla LÄdan and Galleri Lars Palm and Galaxen. Stuff by Fredrik Sjögren, Martin Wollerstam, Jon Perman, Karin BÀckström, Ramzi Johansson, Frida Hulthén, [krig] and others is on display on various locations in Sandviken right now. StÄlverk keeps you updated.
(POSTED: 2011/03/13 - 13:19)

New facebook page (updated)

Keeps you updated about shows and releases but also our soundcloud activity with exculsive live sets and demos, online versions of our art releases and more.

(POSTED: 2011/03/07 - 21:05)

STAL-131 out now

The track is an atmospheric techno track by JKP with a remix by [krig]. Click here to go to the download page or listen at the media player or soundcloud (coming)
(POSTED: 2011/02/05 - 18:54)

LO and [krig] mixes at Soundcloud

LO and [krig] have new mixes out on soundcloud. Click here to go there or check media player for sample track

(POSTED: 2011/01/23 - 13:32)

STAL-130! Yes! Its Ohlsson Perman

You have been waiting and waiting and here is the new release! And its not just anything, its the debut by the StÄlverk founders Ohlsson Perman with their seminal (Is This What Its Like) To Love Somebody. The sound of Sandviken 2.0! Yes. :)
(POSTED: 2010/11/27 - 00:21)

[krig] remixes!

[krig] is an art collective. [krig] believes in socialism. [krig] remixes features [krig] versions of songs by StÄlverk artists and artwork by [krig].
(POSTED: 2010/05/25 - 06:56)

STAL 128 - Lo & The Hartmans

This is the first release from Lo. It contains six versions of songs by The Hartmans, conceptual indiepoppers from Östersund. One track is on the media player.
(POSTED: 2010/03/10 - 20:59)

STAL-127 out now

3 songs that saved my life. 3 songs that are more important than anyone can understand. 3 songs about losing all hope. 3 songs about having no will. 3 songs about life. 3 songs about sorrow, death, shit and fear.
(POSTED: 2010/02/22 - 20:29)

New stuff! JKP film soundtrack & new songs in media player!

Check the stuff section for the film While Waiting to Die by Anna Lidström and Henrik Bengtsson with a soundtrack by Jon Perman aka JKP.

Also! Two brand new tracks on the media player , a demo from the forthcoming 5 song EP by Fucking rebell bringing swedish pop in your face and JKP with a dance track with big strings and female vocals!
(POSTED: 2010/01/14 - 23:11)

Video from the Exit Fashion show featuring JKP and Karin bÀckström

Check the stuff section for a video from the final exhibition at the fashion design program in BorÄs. Featuring music by JKP and designs by Karin bÀckström
(POSTED: 2009/10/06 - 01:04)

New stuff! STAL 124-126 all at once!

Tons of new stuff. Jon Perman returns as JKP with the release Jonperman! Karin BÀckström has been everywhere and nowhere and photographed the whole thing. StÄlverk brings you everything all at once!
(POSTED: 2009/09/10 - 17:44)

New media player track

Check the media player for a preview of the coming Plankton/LO release that contains remixes of songs by The Hartmans, prominent conceptual indie poppers from Östersund.
(POSTED: 2009/09/08 - 14:33)

STAL-123: Leonard Hummer's "Violence Is Nothing"

Seven track mix on one mp3 file from new kid Leonard Hummer. Listen to one track here and download here. Epic but minimal and very clean electronic beats at 127bpm
(POSTED: 2009/06/07 - 19:38)

STAL-122 sees the light of day!

Finally we can proudly present to you STAL-122. It is a five song album by Jonperman entitled "VÀrlden Àr min förestÀllning" which is part of a musical/fashion/club performance concieved by Karin BÀckström, Jonperman and Carin Kallenberg. The album contains five tracks of electronic experimentalism and minimalism combined with tribal rhythm and white noise. Download the album here or listen to the fourth track on the media player!
(POSTED: 2009/06/04 - 00:23)

Random News

Hi. Its been a long time since we posted anything, so for all of you who check the site from time to time, here's why: everyone is working on albums. And that apparently takes lots of time. Albums to be expected in the next 12 months or so are Jonperman (soon), Tunic (soonish), Plankton (sooner/later), Lo (soonish/later) and Eps to be expected soonish are Eldahid and Hedvig Filippa Maria.
(POSTED: 2009/05/17 - 12:05)

Debut photo collection from Karin BÀckström

Our january release is a pdf of photos by Karin BÀckström, who has previously made cover art for Lust Jonperman and Hedvig Maria Filippa. It is our second non-music release.
(POSTED: 2009/02/08 - 19:53)

Debut release from Eldahid! New design!

Check out the first release from new boy Eldahid! Also, check out the brand new design and neat functions by our webmaster A. Klangbild! Lots of stuff going on. Stay true!
(POSTED: 2008/12/11 - 20:49)

November updates

New release by new kid Eldahid and good old Jonperman! Two songs of low key electronics and some kick drums.

New exclusive tracks on the mp3 player!
(POSTED: 2008/11/20 - 21:01)

We're back!!!

STAL-118: Jonperman - No Hope, No Dreams: Everyone has been on summer vacation except the hardest working man in showbusiness, Jonperman. He is back with an extended EP that focuses on themes from old science fiction movies. The music is very funky and catchy. One track has vocals by Filippa.

This fall we have releases by: Erik A, Hedvig Filippa Maria, Tunic, Plankton and possibly a few completely new artists. More updates soon.

New stuff on the site! An mp3 player (see Media) and some stuff (see Stuff)
(POSTED: 2008/09/12 - 17:51)

116 & 117

Lust is a new project but consisting of people who have been down with StÄlverk since day one. They have made some very nice pop music.

Download page for STAL-117

Jonperman has stopped being so arty and made some real techno.

Download page for STAL-116
(POSTED: 2008/06/28 19:24)

Tunic - Sandviken LP finally out on vinyl!!!

Tunic - Sandviken LP is finally out on vinyl. It is Tunic or StÄlverks first full-length release to hit vinyl and we are very very proud of it. After remixing, re-mastering and finally that extra vinyl touch, it is a completely flawless record, concerning everything from songwriting to cover art and production. If you ever liked good beats or big wall of sound-production, this is a record for you. Sandviken LP, much like many debut albums, is a record that sums up everything important about the people who made it and the place it was made in, in a handful of pop songs. Amazingly consistent and long-lived, this is a record we have lived with for three years now, and it is still our favourite thing we ever released.
(POSTED: 2008/03/14 16:57)

Hćll er i skinnet! MVH / Stćlverk